Savour wholesome & quality halal beef that Punches natural flavours into everyday Food

We are direct importers of meat from around the world. Of all the meats that we import, we curate and handpick a select few, delicately portion pack them to make our favourite meats accessible and user-friendly to you.

All our meats are halal certified as we look to bridge Singapore (and the local halal community) with quality meat at direct importer price.

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Why Punched Foods?

Making gourmet meats accessible to all meat lovers and families

Sustainable Sources

We partner ethical farms and producers around the world to source for delicious and high-quality meats.


Importing and distributing quality halal meats from worldwide trusted partners to diverse customers in Singapore, we bring you only our finest select.


Understanding the importance of food safety, we have strong commitment towards good food handling practices and food safety.


Our raw meat offerings are MUIS halal-certified.

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