Are your meats really halal certified?

Yes, our A5 Satsumagyu are sourced directly and air flown from Kagoshima, Japan. Each shipment comes with an authentic “Halal Slaughtering Certificate for Export” from the NPO Japan Halal Association. Our products are also further certified and endorsed by MUIS in Singapore. You can find our halal code in our marketing materials.

How are the products packaged?

We skin vacuum pack all our meats in a tray to retain freshness and maximise shelf life without the need for preservatives or other nasties. You can check out this reel on our IG account (@punchedfoods) to better understand how skin vacuum packaging looks like.

Why does some of the beef look brown? Are they no longer good?

Due to vacuum skin pack where oxygen is stripped off in the packaging, the meat will sometimes turn brown and this is normal. It does not mean they have turned bad.


How can I be eligible for free delivery?

Deliveries are free for orders above $120. A flat fee of $12 will be charged for deliveries below $120.

Is it possible to change my delivery date?

Yes you can as long as the orders are not dispatched for delivery. Send us a message on Instagram (@punchedfoods) or Whatsapp to confirm.

If I’m not home during my delivery, what will happen?

Our delivery drivers will give you a call if they are unable to locate you during a delivery. If there are no answers, your order will be sent back and you will have to incur a $15 delivery charge for re-delivery.

Can I leave my order at the door if I’m not home?

We do not recommend this as our products are temperature sensitive, and are delivered in paper bags or cardboard boxes instead of styrofoam boxes in efforts to save the environment. The paper bags and cardboard boxes do not keep the products chilled. Kindly ensure someone is available to receive the products for the delivery slot specified.

Do you do same day delivery? What if I need the meats ASAP?

We can accommodate same day delivery on a case by case basis. Do drop us a text on Instagram (@punchedfoods) or Whatsapp to confirm availability.

Can I specify delivery timing?

There are two delivery time slots daily (except weekend and Public Holidays). Morning delivery slots are from 10am – 2pm, while Afternoon delivery slots are from 2pm – 6pm. Do specify preferred delivery time slot upon check out.


Do the meats come chilled or frozen?

All our meats are vacuum skin packed and flash frozen immediately to retain the freshness and goodness. They come in a frozen state, except otherwise stated.

How should I store the meats if I do not intend to consume it immediately?

It is recommended to store them in the freezer at -18 degree celsius upon receiving them. In a frozen state, the meats are good for up to 12 months.

How should I prepare the meat for consumption?

Thaw the meat overnight in the chiller, or externally for at least 4 hours before cooking.